Sunday, October 31


Did I scare you?

Happy Halloween!
You know what's missing from this picture? My husband. I mean Linus. I mean my husband. Let me explain: my husband is going to be Linus for Halloween tonight, and I have been busy making his shirt. Last night we painted a red shirt with black paint, and today we'll be finishing up the back. I still can't decide what to be. I wanted to be Lucy, but my hair is too long and doesn't flip out like hers (at least not that I'm willing to admit, that is). Plus, I don't have a dress like she does. So maybe I'll be a 50's chick. Or an 80's chick. Or a nerd. Or ...or...or, Lucy. 

I HAVE NO IDEA! Suggestions welcome!

Anyway, here are some of the things we've been cooking up in our household lately. I left my camera cord at home, and since I'm not currently at home, these are just a select few ideas you can make today. I'll be posting more throughout the day, so check back!! The next set will be at lunch time today!

(Click on each title to take you to the step by step directions)

Think apple juice, ice cream, apple pie spices, and YUM. Plus, it looks cool!

"Ghostly" Hot chocolate

Think dark chocolate, white chocolate, and even some kind of creative mix. Add your favcorite chocolate for a super easy, super fast, and super delicious drink! Decorate some marshmallows with some edible markers (by Wilton or any other brand, found at Michael's and maybe Hobby Lobby), and let them float on top, or put them on a craft stick for easier dunking.

Vampire's Blood
Look, I'm really not into all the "gory" aspects of Halloween, but this is super easy and not all that gory. Other than the fact that it is, in fact, vampire's blood. Yeah, other than that.

And later....I'll be sharing ...

Halloween Chili
Spider Dip
Caramel Apple Dip
Halloween Cake Balls 
Ghostly Strawberries
and more that I can't remember right now.

Stay Tuned!!


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