Tuesday, October 19

Caramel Apple Cider Spider Stew

Caramel Apple Cider Spider Stew

Guess what. This is not what you expected with a title involving "Stew," am I right? Good! 

But let me tell you.. this stuff is so good and so addicting! The addicting factor is triggered by the ease of this recipe. It's embarrassing to even call it a recipe, since it involves so few steps, but I'm all about ease. I'm also all about ice cream, which is just another reason I love this recipe!

Ice cream. Apple juice. Apple pie spice. Perfection.
Told ya.

Good luck having just one. Good luck having just 2.

You'll think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of this?"
 Here's how to make it:

Apple Juice
Caramel (or vanilla) Ice Cream
Apple Pie Spice (found at my local walmart)

Place one scoop of ice cream in a clear dish or glass. Sprinkle on a generous sprinkling of apple pie spice, and pour in enough apple juice to barely cover the ice cream. Eat with a spoon and enjoy this creepy looking concoction! 

The very cool thing about this recipe is that you can get creative with it!


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