Friday, October 15

"Ghostly" Hot Chocolate (Uh-Mazing!)

Or dark. Or caramel. You can really be creative with this recipe! Just grab your favorite type of it baker's or chocolate chips, and get ready to make some YUM. And make it tonight. TONIGHT. 

It's Friday night and we're headed off to a high school football game. It's tradition for my husband to have hot chocolate after watching a high school football game, and since I'm all about tradition (and uh, chocolate), we'll be having this tonight! Besides, my husband says this is the best hot chocolate he's ever had. 

MAKE. IT. TONIGHT. Trust me on this.
You'll need milk, chocolate and cinnamon (which I forgot to picture). Yeah, that's really all you need. Now, you can spruce this up by adding a splash of heavy cream near the end. Or even vanilla, or another type of flavored extract. This is so universal, get creative with it!

Plop the chocolate and cinnamon into a saucepan over medium low and get ready to stir. If it's not melting fast enough, you can turn it up to medium, just watch it closely. You don't want it to boil. 

Okay, so I didn't use white chocolate when I took these pictures. I was trying something different. While I love the semi-sweet bakers chocolate in my hot chocolate, my husband swears by white hot chocolate. Use what you and your peeps love!
Melted! Now you're ready to get your marshmallow on!

Like my picture says, if you'd like to add some spook to your heavenly, or um ghostly, hot chocolate just add some melted chocolate into a bag and pipe on some eyes. 
Like zis! Here's the recipe...

* 4 squares of Bakers chocolate 
(or about 1/4C chocolate chips, more/less to taste)
* 2C Milk 
* 1 TBS cinnamon

Add to a saucepan over medium heat until chocolate is melted. Poor in your favorite mug and top with a marshmallow. My husband loves for me to put the marshmallow on a stick (like a lollipop stick) so that he can dip it in his hot chocolate. 

Optional Additions for Added Yum:
* Vanilla (or other flavor) extract
* Different flavored chips (caramel, etc)
* Peppermint stick to serve in mug
* Cinnamon stick to serve in mug
* A splash of heavy cream or half and half, added near the end for added creaminess.



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