Friday, October 1

Vampire's Blood

Vampire's blood. Yum. Wanna make some??! Good. You're in the right place!

You've had this right? Wrong. You may have had something similar, but it wasn't actual blood.

No, really. And I don't mean "blood" as in, the redemptive blood of Christ.

This blood won't wash away your sins. We'll, I mean, sure it will, if you so choose. You could truly ask God for forgiveness and let this represent the blood of Christ. Wouldn't that be a cool testimony?

Ok, enough talkin'. Wanna know how to spook your peeps?

Grab a bottle of sparkling water. Water, not juice. Even the walmarts have sparkling water.. You'll know you have the right stuff when it says, "Sparkling water" on the bottle. Sorry for the sarcasm.......the ingredients will be "water and CO2."You'll also need some sweet juice....something red is fine, but dark purplish red is better. Oh, and orange juice - that's a must! You'll need the OJ for a cool effect...just trust me on this.

Look, I realize I didn't take pictures of the steps..but it's not hard, so I'll just explain it!

Grab a pretty wine glass, or even better, some kind of goblet (that would be cool), or even a punch glass, and pour in some sparkling water (fill about 1/4 of the glass with it). Now, pour in the red/purple juice (filling the glass about 1/2 full now). And then add some more sparkling water (just a splash for sizzle), and NOW top it off with some OJ! Add as much or little as you want, but the cool thing about this is the smokey effect it gives the "blood".

I didn't take a picture of the slightly smokey effect, because I didn't realize it until after I took these pictures...but it's kinda cool. It changes the dark liquid into something more odd looking. It makes you look at it and go, "ew, weird! it's cloudy."

Keep in mind, this isn't blood from a vampire, it's what drips from his mouth when he's done. ;)


+ 1 Bottle sparkling water
+ Dark red/red-purple juice (pic below of what I used)
+ Orange juice


Fill pretty goblin or wine glass (or punch bowl) 1/4 of the way with sparkling water, then 1/4 more (1/2 total) with dark red juice, then a little more sparkling water, and then with a splash of OJ. If it's not sweet enough, add more juice (or even sugar, depending on how sweet your juice is). 

*** You could also substitute a dark red/purplish sparkling juice for the one above. It's going to be a lot sweeter (and I'm not responsible for hyper kids!!) but it'll taste great! Don't forget to add the OJ for the creepy, smokey effect that only vampires can give. 


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