Monday, October 4

Manic Monday


"pertaining to or affected by mania."
frenzied, agitated, frantic. 


a combining form of mania  ( megalomania ); extended to mean “enthusiasm, often of an extreme and transient nature,” for that specified by the initial element ( bibliomania ).

It is, in fact, just another Manic Monday!! Happy Monday, folks. If you're in the job realm, you may not be too happy it's Monday, but rest assured, you've come to the right place! I'm kicking off my blog's ....wait for it, wait for it.....*cue Sisqo's thong song* Halloweenathon, thon, thon, thon, thon. 

 /bad rap song cue. 

Every Monday in October will be a random blog post by none other than... yours truly! It'll be whatever I want it to be, but it will always stay consistent with the theme of "manic". So there. 

Have you met Sport yet? You child. My baby. My husband's first love. Other than God of course, and (hopefully) me, I think. C'mon, you know Sport. My husband's mascot to his book, Sports Briefs?

We take him everywhere..

We feed and clothe him..

We even watch football with him (although he prefers Futbol, since he likes when they say "gooooooooooooal"). 

Sometimes he even follows us to work..

 But here's the best part about Sport. He loves halloween more than that rapper guy likes to dis Taylor Swift.

I think he has a little fetish for October actually. He loves Target, but we try to leave him at home when we can. Not that he doesn't behave himself, but seriously, his presence alone kinda freaks people out, but when he puts on a skeleton costume, it makes him look like a creeper. 
And something about that costume makes him lose his britches. As soon as we look away, he takes off, and is nowhere to be found. We usually find him chillin' with the other skeletons, but he doesn't seem to understand that he doesn't really....uh, fit in. 

Especially when we see him creeping around the corner to peek at people. He thinks it's funny. 

We complain, we joke, we make fun of him on a constant basis, but Sport knows we love him. I can't explain it, but we just *get* him like no one else does. He's our baby after all. 

But here's something we've yet to figure out. His girlfriend.
 Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Don't settle for second best."

 But that's his undertaking.


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