Sunday, October 30

Soul Cakes

We're all about Halloween in our household, and this recipe is also all about Halloween. Read the history here, and then get busy making these bad boys! 

My husband and I saw one of those cool Halloween episodes on Food Network last year and he's been trying to get me to make them ever since. October has been the busiest month for our business (and life in general), so I haven't done much Halloween cooking. In other words, I owe him. I owe him big time.

So tomorrow night, the night before Halloween mind you, I'll be making soul cakes so that he can wake up and eat them for breakfast on Halloween morning. So, with that said, I haven't made this recipe yet, but it looks amazing! I figured I'd share Caroline's recipe with you guys. 

Please let me know if you try it and how it turns out! Email me your pictures, or comment and give me a link to your blog about it and I'll share it in a post. Life is all about sharing . . . and chocolate, but that's another post!

Here's one of Caroline's gorgeous pictures of her soul cakes, taken straight from her blog at Talks About Food: Check her out!!


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