Tuesday, November 1

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce

You've heard about this right? Apparently Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce against her new husband, Kris Humphries. I'm all for marriage, and I happen to be in one that continues to exceed my expectations in every good way possible, but while I wish this couple all the best, I can't help but to say. . . DUH!

I don't know anything about their relationship other than what their show displays, but those episodes were almost painful to watch. Did you see them?? Was it the production team and editing that made Kris Humphries look like such a jerk? Did we only see the bad side of their relationship? 

Look, I didn't know my husband for quite a year when we got married, and we were engaged a lot sooner than that. I know you can meet, fall in love fast, and get married almost immediately and maintain a successful, happy marriage. They said they were in love, I get it. I'm not saying things like this can't happen, but the show gave the impression they barely knew each other at all, and even that her family couldn't stand him, really. 

Who knows what the reality of this show really is. The "jerk" side of this guy came off as a reality check to a friend of  mine. She felt Kris Humphries wasn't a jerk at all, but a good dose of reality for Kim. 

Either way, I really do wish them the best. And who knows that the next issue of People won't be about their reconciliation, or that it will turn out a total hype and they are actually very happy! I tend to believe they didn't do this marriage thing for show, and actually were in love, or thought they were. Marriage take humility, and if you don't have it, you have the opportunity to learn to have it! It's easy to assume you should just give up on marriage if the other party isn't doing their part, but it's difficult to force yourself to focus only on yourself and not what you feel your spouse is doing wrong. Hopefully these 2 will work things out. I wish them all the best!


crazy mom said...

Poor Kris, he's been used. :/

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