Sunday, October 2

Halloween Things to Come

Hey Halloween people!! Look, I know you're probably here because you're looking for some really amazing halloween blog, and you came here, and you see a blonde cartoon chick with an apron, and a blog filled with all kinds of light blue, pink, and various flavors of cupcakes. This isn't the blog you thought it was, I get it.

BUT WAIT!! Please don't go! Let me exceed your expectations. I am obsessed with Halloween food, decorations, clothes, and everything else spooky. Last year, I changed my entire blog to just Halloween things, and this year won't be much different. I may look all girly, but there will be ghosts, pumpkins, food, crafts, and creepy things.

Here's a list of things to come in the next couple weeks:

* How-to guideline on making the EXACT pumpkin that is on the Halloween movies. This is an exact replica, and it now sits on our fireplace and haunts me when I play checkers with my husband every night. I hate that stupid thing, and I'll share it so your wife (or husband, or kids, or whoever else) can hate you too!

* Ghost food. I get that that makes no sense, but we're a little obsessed with ghost related things in my house, and I happen to love to cook. This means I make almost every meal in our house ghostly in the month of October. More to come..

* Sweet junk that will rot your teeth. Sweet halloween junk that is! Pumpkin desserts I make every year, how-to pumpkin things, peeps marchmallow things, and even healthy junk thrown in the mix (sorry but it's a must.)

* Random fall crafts. Sorry, but it's not just Halloween time, it's also Fall. Our church has a Fall Festival coming up, and I need to make all kinds of weird things, so get ready because it's coming!

* Random pictures of Halloween things I find and love. The latest is a peppermint batty.. like a peppermint patty but shaped as a bat. GENIUS.

* Pictures of junk in our house. Creepy things my husband loves to scare me with, and cute little decorations alike. LOTS of halloween things to come!

But as for right now, this 29 year old chick needs to get off the computer and do something meaningful with her life, like watch a Berenstain Bears Halloween DVD with her husband.PS: I also own this book:

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this:


Faith said...

I'm a total Hallowe'en fan too, and a cryptkeeper this year and my blog isn't terribly scary but everything changes during October! I've added you to my feed!

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