Thursday, September 9

I'm Baaack!! Part IV

I keep saying, "I'm back" and I'm not. I'm so frequently not back, that blogger keeps making cool changes I look forward to implementing, and yet I'm never here to do so. So here I am. I'm back. Again. Part IV....

Ugh, no recipes because I'm lame at taking pictures. It's a darn shame too because I've been making some flippin' sweet sweets and yummy dinners. Like last night, I made BBQ chicken pizza! We had leftover shredded chicken, ingredients to whip up a quick BBQ sauce, and an easy, no rise, pizza dough that was too hard not to pass up. Besides, I had a test the next morning, so I really needed a reason to procrastinate, and pizza + cleaning like a mad woman was perfect!

So I need to make a list to sort out my mind a little. Plus, I feel like babbling. 

1. BBQ Chicken Pizza is the bomb digitty...diggitty...diggety...diggetty. Whatever, it's tha bomb, yo!! Husband gets the leftovers and I'm somehow stuck with a frozen burrito for lunch. What's up with that?

2.  I made a blackberry fruit pizza (MIL's recipe) 3 days ago and it's ALL gone. Too bad I have ingredients to make another one. Too bad I have vanilla bean haagen dazs to go with it! For shame!

3. My husband's ears have been 80% (his statistics, not mine) blocked for weeks now. He refuses to see a doctor and is mucinex infested in the meantime. What this means is that 92% (my statistics, not his) of our conversations lately go something like this. 

Me: "So whatcha want for dinner?"
Deafo: *no response*
Deafo: "**silence**
Deafo:***5 minutes later*** "So, what's for dinner."

Too bad deafo is a hottie and makes me feel sorry for him. Too bad pitty makes me want to make him a fruit pizza. I'll look for any excuse to bake.. ;)

4. I'm hyped up on a grande pumpkin spice latte, phosphates, and non-organic bacterial cancers. Just kidding. I hope.  But I did have a whole wheat eggwhite and turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. Sounds healthy, but caffeine is triggering the pesimist in me to run at 289 mph, thinking, 

"Yeah whole wheat, nothing. I bet it's mostly enriched flour. And turkey bacon? I bet it's filled with all kinds of phosphates. Oh nice, 'egg whites' -- yeah but what do they feed those chickens? I bet they're not fed organic and they may not even be real egg whites, but some kind of powdered junk. And what kind of cheese is this? Is it organic? Of course not. What kind of antibiotics am I having for breakfast?.... Oh well, at least I have this pumpkin spice latte to wash it down! Pumpkins are healthy after all. This thing must be packed with beta keratin!!"

(See the justification? I don't. I refuse to, thank ya very much!)

5. So there's something I'm doing and (yes, and) not doing that only my dear, deafo, husband and I know about. It's sort of a.....secret, if you will. And I'm doing something else now one knows about. So what I'm saying is that I'm doing 2 things people don't know about, and not doing 1 thing people think I'm doing. Confused? Good. Mischevious? Maybe. Heck to the yeah, I'm being sneaky! But no worries, it's nothing bad. It's nothing major (at all), and eventually we'll talk. Some people might be horrified, others wouldn't care in the slightest. Think ya know what I'm saying? Trust me you don't. Like I said, nothing major, but it is very (and I mean very) time consuming! Now you're totally lost. Good! Cause if I wanted to tell ya, I would. But one thing's for sure. Momma will be first to know because I have some questions I need answers to. Nothing major. Nothing temporary or permanent. How you like them apples?!

6. And now that you're totally lost and think I'm preggo (which I am NOT, and am not trying to be, thank you very much -- keep guessing though -- nice try!) you can check out Its freaking hilarious!! So is lamebook and peopleofwalmart. Check them out!


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