Monday, September 27

Here's What's Lurking Around the Corner....

Do you like it? You know.............the new look? 

If you don't already know this about me, I sort of turn into a 3rd grader around halloween time. And Christmas time. And my birthday. And Easter. I also get frisky when the weather starts cooling off, but that's another topic for another blog post. Let's face it, acting like a 3rd grader isn't all that crazy, since on an average day, I act more like a 5th grader than the 28 year old that I am.

I can't help it, I like to celebrate everything kid-style, and halloween really brings it out in me! It doesn't help that my husband is about 121x worse than I am, so he brings out the worst in my immature side. It's his fault. I'm just sayin'...

I digress. 

So what's that lurking around the corner? Lots of random (and I do mean random) halloween stuff. Starting October 1, I'll be posting halloween themed things most days (sometimes a few times per day). Here's a sampler: 

* Lots of halloween recipes (cupcakes, cookies, dinners, lunches, and even some halloween breakfasts)
* Crafts (kid stuff to creepy stuff for the guys...)
* Pics of halloween stuff at our casa. 
* links to my fav halloween spots
* Halloween stuff we do (past and present, haunted houses, pumpkin mazes, one of which will be this Saturday!)
* Top 10 lists galore.  
* Whatever jokes or other junk I feel like posting about.

It's be spooky. It'll be tasty. It'll be gross, silly, and corny funny.

It'll be the halloweeeeeeeeeeen edition of the crazy apron!! 

Stay tuned!


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