Friday, March 19

A Recap of the Week!

It's been a pretty busy week. Both in the blogging world and real life. Real life? What is "real life"? Anyway, it's been super busy, but in so many great ways! I've been spending my mornings before class, and my evenings after work, browsing some really great blogs around the blogosphere. 

First of all, I was featured in the St. Patrick's Day parade on The Daily Spud.  The Daily Spud is such a fun place for the potato lover, such as myself. Some of her mentions include an entire article for The Irish Time Magazine, an award for the Irish Blog Award in 2009 for the Best Food/Drink Blog, runner-up in the Eurovision-style EuroBlog Awards, plus a nomination for Best Irish Blogger in the Annual Awards, and all kinds of others I may have missed over, plus I'm sure there will be more to come.  I felt honored to have a picture of my weird recipe up on the website, especially with all the other beautiful pictures. So thank you Aoife for allowing me to participate in something so fun!

I also submitted a recipe for an Irish Regional Recipes contest with Joanna from Eats Well With Others. Joanne will be doing the contest later this month, so sign up before it's too late! I ran across a picture of her carrot cake, which gave me all kinds of ideas. She has several to-die-for recipes that I can't wait to try out!! She truly does, "eat well with others", as she shares a ton of recipes from other bloggers. This is totally my kind of blog, since she seems to have a great heart and just wants to share the love. :)

Another recent favorite food blogger is at Collaborative Curry with 2 sweet and creative sisters, Sunitha and Namitha. Where do people come up with all these cute blog names? Anyway, anything with the word "curry" in it really floats my boat, so I had to check her out. Today alone made my heart melt a little. She has a Strawberry Preparado that's right up my alley. It's strawberry. It's sweet. It's healthy. And best of all - it's easy! It features strawberries, ice, milk and sugar, and yet her pictures make it look straight out of Food Network! But that's not all, Gulmohar makes everything from Indian bread to cupcakes and egg rolls! Not to mention she takes beautiful pictures.

Fresh Local and Best is a blog I just ran across the other day, so I'm still familiarizing myself with her beautiful pictures. And boy does she take beautiful pictures! I really thought for sure she got them off a restaurant website, before I realized she actually took them herself. From what I can tell, she visits amazing restaurants and photographs the plates and gives a quick review. If people don't pay her to do this they should, and I'm flattered she made the time to jump over here to leave a comment! PS: I'm moving to NY so that I can eat amazing food and meet this foodie. Please don't tell my husband. ;)

Hannah Joy Davis at Prairies2Mountains changes the pace a little, as she tells the continuing love story of how she met her husband. But it's better than that. She also shows that being a woman means more than just the day to day little decisions. She even redefines some of the stereotypes of what it means to be a woman and a wife, and shows that even though things can be tough, sometimes it's worth it in the end.

Okay, and I'm a little partial to this next blogger, for obvious reasons. Shahana at Me n My Apron has a huge variety of things. From Indian food, to cakes, cookies, puddings, salads, soups, breakfast, and the list goes on. Oh,and she also has juice. Have you ever heard of a Mocktail? Am I the last person to know of such things? From what I understand, a Mocktail is a Cocktail minus the booze. I don't drink, so this was right up my alley! She has all kinds of mocktail recipes, so check that woman out!

Not to pick favorites (which I keep doing by the way), but may I express my love for the next blogess? Pan Gravy Kadai Curry, I am muy obsessed with your blog. This woman first struck my interest with her Twilight goodies. All you Twilight people need to check this stuff out! I'm planning to make the moon shaped crescents tomorrow, along with some other stuff I'll keep quiet about until then. But that's not all the deliciousness on her website. One thing I really love (which I only discovered today), is that she has a search bar on her blog. So I can go on there and type in what I'm looking for, and her recipes come up in a google search right on her website. Very cool, and makes my life that much easier. Here's the best part for me though, not only is her blog easy to navigate around on, her recipes all seem very simple, and yet you would never, ever know it. If you made the Oven Roasted Minty Drumsticks, you could look quite gourmet, and no one would guess how easy it is. Oh, AND, she's doing a giveaway! While you're there signed up, check out her Pesto Pasta! I'm planning to make it tomorrow, and I'm really excited about it!!

I'd also like to thank from Spicy Lounge for the award this week! She's given me my first award in the blogging world, and it felt pretty good. I'll pass on the award this weekend, but for now I'm soaking it in as much as I can. Spicy lounge is filled with Indian recipes that could make my husband's heart go pitter patter. In fact, while all the recipes I've browsed on her website make my heart flutter, there is one in particular that has been driving me insane. I seriously MUST try it once all our Twlight cupcakes are gone, that is. It's her 3 minute cake. I'm sure I butchered the title, but that's basically what it is, and you can make it in the microwave. This WILL BE MADE in my kitchen at some point this weekend! Check out her blog for the recipe.

Oh, and hey something very different and cool. My buddy over at Simply Shaka! She is so faithful in posting every single day. I don't even know how she does it!! I often look at her blog and think " wonder she's lost so much weight and is so faithful in her work outs. She even makes time to blog daily!" I love, love, love blogging, but doing it daily take a lot of dedication, as everyone here knows! I frequent her blog just about daily, and I need to comment more so she knows it. She gives you a day a brief summary of her day, the good, the bad, and the tasty (be it a man or a recipe she whipped up and made look easy). She'll keep you entertained. 

And my husband's blog, if you haven't already checked it out, you're missing out. He's a lover of sports. He's a lover of me. He's a a manically obsessed sports fanatic who has underwear as a mascot. And the underwear has a name: Sport. Yes, you read that correctly. The mascot is underwear, and the underwear's name is Sport. Read all about the sweet little addition to our family and all his randomness above.
Like I mentioned earlier, I'll be giving out 2 awards tomorrow! I've so enjoyed looking through all these fun new blogs this week. Please feel free to suggest more!


Cool Lassi(e) said...

Very sweet of you to put a link to my blog dear.I just checked it out and I am blushing ear to ear. lol. Yes, try the cheesy crescents, with more cheese. Since I was/am weight-watching I wasn't very generous with things like butter or oil. BTW, It tastes great while its still warm from the oven.Good Luck and Happy Weekend. :)

Gulmohar said...

That's so sweet of you, to write about your blogger friends and link back :-) Thanks and I'm touched :-)
BTW wanted to make a misunderstanding clear : We are a team of two in Collaborative Curry :D Myself, Namitha aka Gulmohar and Sunitha aka Nostalgia.Sorry if we confused you. Pl check our about us page, if you wish .I would appreciate , if you could add her name as well since all the good things you've mentioned is good for her too
Thanks again !! Have a great week end,Piper !!
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Pete said...

A busy week! Have a nice weekend! Cheers!

Piper said...

Hey Paul, thanks for visiting!

Gulmohar~ Thank you for pointing that out and I'm so sorry! I did correct the post, so I hope I got it right this time. Please let me know if I didn't. :)

Lassie~ I hope you've had a great weekend!! :) I thought about your Twilight goodies as I made dinner last night!

Anonymous said...

How fun---congrats on being featured on the daily Spud! I never knew such a site existed and cannot go back there because I am sure I will just fall in love with it. Ahhh potatoes, can I marry you??

Thanks for the sweet words, your too kind :) I will have to check out all of those links now.....and I never knew hubs had a blog as well, how fun! I look forward to seeing more pics of Sport on there!!

Gulmohar said...

Thanks Piper :D

Daisy Blue said...

First things first...congrats on being featured in the Dailystud..your scones are a perfect entry

Thanks a lot for mentioning my name and linking to my recipes.. really honored for being featured...

And hey never knew about your hubby's blog...did you guys meet at the blogger's paltform ;)??

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