Monday, March 22

Strawberries with Maple Creme Fraiche (plus an Award)

This is something I came across one night when I wanted something sweet and dessert-like, and I wanted it to be fresh, flavorful, and yet still at least remotely healthy.
And it needed to be easy. Dinner was on the table, so I just threw this together. I'll definitely do it again! It totally hit the spot.

It only uses 4 ingredients:
Strawberries - washed, stemmed, and sliced up.
Creme Fraiche: Typically found wherever the nicer cheese is located in your grocery store. It's like a very thin sour cream or a thinner yogurt. It's also very versatile, and incredibly delicious. 

Maple Syrup - just a drizzle will do! Imagine I took a picture of that.
Just mix the maple syrup (add enough to sweeten to to your preference)and cinnamon to the creme fraiche.
And stir it up with a spoon until combined.
And then drizzle on the strawberries.
Until it's all on there.
And then serve this sweet dish to your sweet husband. Take a few bites yourself, but be prepared to get your arm bitten off. Don't blame him, this is good good stuff!

As a side note, I promised to give away 2 awards on Saturday. I didn't do that because I got wrapped up in Twilight: New Moon madness. I blame Twilight. I blame Edward. Can we not blame everything on Edward? Or Jacob? Or even Bella? Well, I'll blame anyone but myself!

Anyway, I was given these 2 cool awards last week, and I'd like to pass the right along!
These were both given to me by Daisy Blue @ Spicy Lounge!

And I'd like to pass these both along to Shaka @ Simply Shaka and Stephanie @ Cooking Fanatic! Check out their blogs; you won't be sorry! Girlfriends, you can each take both of these awards and do what you will with them.


Cool Lassi(e) said...

This dessert looks very sinful.I wish I could have a cup of it to round of my lunch.
Congrats on both of your awards.

Stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

Thanks for the award!! That dessert looks so freakin good :)

Gulmohar said...

That looks so yummm...Congrats on your awards .
Thanks for your wonderful tip on cream cheese in our blog :D That's cool !

Daisy Blue said...

"Red and White ready to fight"..looks perfect..and how did you take that drizzle of maple syrup?kudos..

Piper said...

Thank you and you're welcome :)

srividhya Ravikumar said...

looks awesome dear... following you

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