Friday, February 12

"Valentoms" Recipe Ideas

My husband and I say "Valentoms". I don't really know why or where it started, so just go with it and pretend we aren't strange, alien people from The Twlight Zone.

Or maybe us alien peeps are normal, and you, the human, are the alien..on a foreign planet...
do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

And I am VERY MUCH looking forward to the Twlight Zone Marathon on 4th of July!!!

But this isn't 4th of July.
Now that's confusing.
Is it representing Easter or Valentoms? 
The Easter bunny has a sweatheart? Is he trying to romance me??

um....or even Valentines Day for that matter!! 

But let's pretend it's tomorrow..we are celebrating tomorrow, so it's time for me to throw things together. 

I'm making a few things tomorrow night for a Valentines Day dinner like this:

I have no idea which order I'll place these in, but this will give the hubs a heads up on what's for dinner!

What can I say?


I don't quite have breakfast planned, but I'm sure it will be warm and will involve blueberries. French toast and pancakes/waffles are out since we do at least one of those every week. 

(None of the following are my pictures, these all belong to The Pioneer Woman, unless otherwise noted)

I'm thinking ....(husband, don't get too excited, this isn't set in stone) about making...
(Imagine blueberries pouring out of them..blueberries go in everything in our house)
...these lovely jewels! These are French Breakfast Puffs from The Pioneer Woman. 

DEAR HEAVEN, look at these things!

Lunch will probably be a smoothie or something somewhat light, since we plan to sleep in and eat a late breakfast. 

But that's another story!!
For an appetizer, I'll probably make a few of these Mushrooms Stuffed with Brie.
 I made some for Superbowl Sunday, and they were sooo easy and really good! I still have some leftover brie, so why not?

 We need something to tide us over before dinner. Something, spicy?
Jalapeno Poppers will do the trick.

And soup will be a must! The husband loves mushrooms, but there not my favorite so I don't cook with them too often. Time to make up for lost time!

Followed by...
Cajun Chicken Pasta (he doesn't like beef, so steak/roast is out)

 and Cheesy Garlic bread on the side! For the cheesy bread, I follow a pretty traditional recipe like this one, except that I like it better when I mix in way less mayo, and I don't butter/garlic it beforehand. Instead, I just add fresh garlic to the mayo/cheese mixture and spread it right now. Tastes better imo, and it's less time consuming. In fact, I made some last night and we're having it for leftovers today with the leftover potato soup from last night mmm. 

And of course, this stuff on the side: 

And for dessert?
Probably one of the following:
Yogurt cream and Blueberries 
(yogurt mixture needs to sit out overnight, though, so we'll see)
Cake balls (except decorated more Valetoms-ish)

Something else I've yet to think of. Suggestions are welcome!

(Note to Hubs: I may or may not make all of this. Some may be saved for Sunday if we cook for yo Mama! I may also decide to play Diner Dash on channel 100 and pop in a frozen pizza, then adding some ranch dressing in a heart shape on top - just to be festive. It's all about surprise, baby!)


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