Thursday, February 11

Moles, Organs, and Forrest Gump.

Well, this week has been ...interesting. I hate to see it come to an end, but I am really excited about Valentines Day this weekend! I don't know what we're doing, but I just look forward to cooking for my husband! I already have a small little list going of some ideas, but feel free to share some if you have suggestions; I'm open!

So like I said, this was an interesting week. Here are the highlights:

1. I had a mole removed on my back. No big deal, and yet I had a dream that night that the mole had a facebook fan page. Makes sense to me!

2. I went to class with a nervous stomach on Tuesday. My first big speech was due today (Thursday), so I couldn't figure out why I was nervous on Tuesday, when I knew we would only be taking notes the whole time. Apparently the feeling of, "I want to puke my guts out" was warranted because when I arrived, I heard classmates in a panic, talking about how the speech was due that very day. Of course I panicked right with them! My prof was pretty mad that most of us didn't have our speeches, but what can ya do? We all heard him say they were due Thursday several times, although he denied it. 

3. Last night was spent writing and re-writing my speech. I came home, opened the laptop and clickclickclicked away for hours on end. My husband made dinner (THANK YOU HUSBAND!!) so I was able to focus solely on writing my speech. I presented it today (yes, he let us turn it in "late", but with penalty I'm sure), and I think I did fine. Working at a radio station has helped me build confidence I didn't know was there! Now I'm just waiting for my big break, when they make my speech into a movie. *crosses fingers*

4. My mole spot itches. Itches BAD. Make it stop. Thanks.

5. We had a 100% chance of rain/snow this morning. I just *knew* I'd wake up to blankets of snow, preventing me from going to class (not that I pray for things like this to happen - I'm a good student after all), delaying my speech until next week! I woke up at 5:30a.m. to check for school closings. What to my wondering eyes did appear? Why a blanket of rain and 8 tiny sn..snow..snow fla...NOTHINGS. 8 tiny nothings because there was no snow whatsoever. On top of that, it was already above freezing, at 5:30am!! Determined to stay up and practice my speech, I went right back to sleep until it was time to get ready for class. Breakfast was some Starbuck's oatmeal and coffee.

6. At lunch we had to stop by the American Heart Association. My husband called ahead of time, and they told us their address. Easy as pie! We thought. We'll go straight there, drop something off, and be eating lunch within 15 minutes!! 

Yeah, no. 
 We arrived at the parking lot and circled around for about 10 minutes before going into a large unmarked building, filled with nothing but hallways and doors that said "Employees only. Do not enter!!!!!!!!"

Or something like that..

We found a nice man who felt pity on our lost selves, and he said the American Heart Association was upstairs. What he meant by that was, "I guess it's upstairs. I'm making it sound like it's easy to find, but when you get up there, you'll go through several unending hallways, some of which will look like you are walking through an airport terminal to board a small airplane. It will take you 20 minutes to find your way out, and then you will realize I'm lying to you altogether, and it's actually not upstairs. Now please leave me alone and have a nice day. Oh, and you have a mole missing from your back. HEY it should have it's own facebook page!"
Why hello airport terminal. 

Hello again hallway, you sure do look familiar. See you in 5 minutes!!
Needless to say, we were sick of, browsing through hallways. 

(Christmas Vacation has been on all week, sorry..)

We decided the place couldn't be anywhere on the top floor, so we walked back down the stairs..
Down some more hallways ..

...and then it happened!!
...BAM!! We were there. We finally found it! And guess what.. it was just a few feet from the other set of doors we could have gone in. You know, the ones right next to the ones we went in. You know, about 10 feet away.

This kiddo knows my frustration! Frown kid, frown! 

 But as a side note, I saw this pretty little thing on the way out of lunch this afternoon. We're guessing it's a male, but it's been near the birdhouse in our office all day. Pretty huh? I'll post more pictures tomorrow. 

It was asking for it's Valentine. I'll also post some recipes for Valentines Day tomorrow! It'll give my husband a little heads up on what he can expect for dinner on Saturday (we are celebrating early). 

That's all I have to say about that.
 Because life is like a box of chocolates.
You know never what you're gonna get...
But that's ok....
Because if you're like me...
You don't care. You just like chocolate. 
WOAH. Mama Mia! Good Night! Gosh dang! Sweet potato!!

No but really, that's all I'm gonna say about that.


Anonymous said...

LOl can you please make a page for the mole that is no more on facebook?? I will totally become a fan! He can be like he traveling gnome but the traveling mole and you can start something hahaha.

One of my meals this wknd will be a cookie cake bought for myself by myself.

And I agree with the sushi thing, I would make sweet love to it if I could. It's kinda like saying I love my fleece pajama pants and blackberry so much, I want to marry them :)

Piper said...

I've thought seriously about making a fan page for the poor little mole. The hesitation is the nastiness of the picture. How gross would that be??!! lol

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