Friday, February 12

Husbandly Things

Things I love ..involving my husband.

Cuddling on the couch almost nightly, sometimes in front of a warm fire.

Watching Mr Ed and other old black & white movies

The fact that he's always so willing to help around the house (dishes, dusting, vacuuming, etc).

His crazy toy collections.

His chili, YUM!

His humor and sharp wit.

That he's always holding my hand or having to reach over and touch me somehow. Even in the car, at work, or the dinner table at home, he's always wanting to hold my hand.

His voice. Oh man, his voice could take me to another universe.

His hands. I don't know, just perfect somehow.

The look in his eyes when he says he loves me out of nowhere. Kind, sweet, and somehow, sometimes like he wants to devour me in one bite.

His hug. Totally encompassing, and yet still warm and sweet.

The fact that he doesn't have a jealous bone in his body, but when the right situation presents itself, he's very quick to protect me. I've only seen this a few times, but I'm always taken aback when it hits.

He's slow to anger, and always willing to talk things out.

He loves my family to the core, and has reached out to them from the beginning.

He loves his mama more every day. He's there for her as much as he can be, and is always open to new suggestions. I love his daily talks with her.

That he loves and thinks about his sister on a regular basis. He would never tell her so, but he's very protective of her, too. He prays for his sister and her husband every night.

That he prays with me every night, before every meal, and many times in between.

That he's the most devoted person I know when it comes to convictions. When he feels God shows him something, he's very open and faithful to following through.

He's excellent with money. He's taught me a lot about saving money, and what's really important.

He pays everything on time, and never, ever skimps on tithing.

When it comes to spending money on me, he doesn't hesitate. When we went engagement ring shopping about 4 years ago, he didn't even give me a price limit. NONE whatsoever! I got to decided how much I wanted to pick. I got the ring that was perfect for me, and not the largest ring available. I love him for letting me pick!

This list can of course go on and on (and it does!), but I will say that most of all, I love my husband's commitment to God. He's so incredibly loving and passionate about his beliefs, and yet he's not one to go out and talk about all he does. People might be surprised to know the things he does behind closed doors, but he feels like as a Christian, it's not something he should be talking about. He's not going to go out and brag about all the things he does, but I see them. God sees them.

And I so love him for it!


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