Monday, February 15

The Result + Recipe Reviews - V-Day

What a great weekend!! We mostly celebrated on Saturday. On Friday night, I made those french breakfast puff things, with blueberries of course. When we woke up on Saturday, I coated them with cinnamon and sugar and fixed them on the table with a printed menu to tell the husband what was to be expected that day. 

Not my pictures, but still enough to make you drool!

French Breakfast Puffs (w/ blueberries)
Review: The easiest muffin recipe I've ever tried. Very basic ingredients, fluffy, and probably the best muffins (or uh, "french puffs", I've ever had..maybe?). Hard to say. They truly tasted just like blueberry cake donuts to me, and that says a lot, considering I used all whole wheat flour. My husband was hording these like nothing else. In fact, I made some extra to give to his mom, and she almost didn't get them. He's never been so protective of something food related. Good stuff!
We also made this stuff. Pretty easy, and not the type of recipe I usually follow. If I make pasta, it usually has a homemade spaghetti sauce, or a decent jar of sauce if I'm lazy. So chicken broth and whipping cream were new to me when it came to pasta. 

Review: Once again, simple ingredients. Simple recipe, yet a little time consuming to have to cook the chicken in 2-3 batches. I guess you could do them all at the same time, but they might stick together, so you'd have to constantly break them apart. The taste? Amazing! We didn't use wine for the sauce, but it was still so good! 
Garlic bread would have been great with this, but we were rushing and didn't have time!


While I was throwing the pasta and other stuff together, the husband was slicing the mushrooms for the mushroom soup. He did great in the kitchen. In fact, he's welcome to help me anytime. What this means is that he will soon regret being so perfect in the kitchen. He came in handy. His video games might start collecting dust as we know it. 

Review: Overall this soup was super easy, very creamy and had an interesting flavor. By "interesting" I guess I mean great, but to enjoy this soup, you really need to wipe out all previous experiences and expectations of what mushroom soup should taste like. Again, we didn't use wine, but the taste was great, just not so much mushroom-ey. It tasted more like a creamy, tasty ...soup that happened to have mushrooms in it. Still good, and I'd make it again with slight tweakings!
Now these things.....these fried hot things, filled with love and all that is good in this world. These things. These things are.....they are.....amazingly, melt-in-your-mouth wonderful. I could pop these poppers in my mouth all day. My midsection and thighs wouldn't love me for it, but the growth of a double of triple chin might be a plus...? Or not. 




Review: Mine didn't look like this picture; mine were somehow more sporadically coated. I'm going to guess the reason for this could be one of 2 things. 1. I made my own bread crumbs, and I used whole grain (Ezekiel 4:9 bread ground in the good processor), or 2. I used rice milk, instead of whole milk. I don't do well with following directions in cooking, and rice milk is much thinner, so it probably didn't coat as well. But you know what? These things rocked my socks off! Not that I had socks on, but maybe that's because they were rocked off. Very good. Time consuming to slice in half, fill, coat a zillion times, and fry, but these bad boys have my heart. They also had my husband's heart. 
You know what else I made? Something pretty stinkin' adorable, that's what. I didn't post this on my blog last week, because I wanted to surprise my other half, which I did in fact do. I copied Bakerella (love that woman to pieces), and I'm so, so glad I did! These things will catch on big time for other holidays. 

Just think of the possibilities...Mother's Day, Anniversary, Christmas, President's Day!!!

Stop what you're doing right now, and make these! Make these tonight. Make them tomorrow morning. Make them (and eat them like I did) at 5 a.m. For Pete's sake, just make them!!

 Review: This was the best dessert I've had in a long time. They don't look like much I know, I know. Stop whispering, I CAN HEAR YOU! You're saying, "Why in the world would I make these; they are half off at Target, crazy apron lady! Not to mention, these look at little strange in the middle!" Are you done talking to yourself yet? Good, now wipe the drool off your bottom lip (we both know it's there). Now listen. Do you know what's in the middle? OREO COOKIES. Well, except that I'm a nut and I used some off brand organic Oreos knock off, but you get the point. And not just Oreos, either. Oreos mixed w/ softened cream cheese.

Yeah, you heard me. It doesn't get easier than this. Throw Oreos in a bag, let your kids take out their frustration on the bag (slamming those puppies up into oblivion), and then mix the crumbs w/ softened cream cheese. Shape the "dough" into balls, and then point them up into kisses. Let them freeze for a few minutes, and then dip in melted chocolate (I used bark, but whatever). Why am I giving you the recipe?? Just click on the title. 

Anyway, my husband horded these things more than the french puffs above. In fact, we almost got into a fight over them...

Me: *Mmmm, I think I'll have a few of these kisses."
Him: "How many have you had? I've only had a couple so far."
Me: "I've only had you like them that much?"
Him: *protective tone* "I'm just saying..I've only had a couple."
Me: "I'm just saying. I've only had 3. Just sayin'."
Him: "That's fine. Have all you want..just keep in mind...I've only.."

I dropped them. 
I had 3 on my plate, and I dropped them right between the 2 of us.

Me: "Umm...."
Him: "No! What just happened?"
Me: "Sorry.. it's just, I mean, they...slipped."
Him: "Well, now you've had 6."
Me: "Huh? No, I've had 3. Then I dropped 3. I've only eaten 3, which means I can get more!"
Him: "No. You've had 6."
Me: "No, I .."
Him: "You've had 6."
Me: "I...."
Him: "6."
Me: "Hey wait a minute! I shaped and coated each and every one of these things. I coated them! I stood here and individually ...with love...made every. single. one."
Him: "All for me?"
Me: "Yep! All for"
Him: "Best wife ever."
Me: "...........What just happened?"
Him: "It's called, 'winning an argument' " *munches on kisses*
Me: "Huh. Interesting."

Now go make these for your loved ones (and hide some for yourself - Just sayin').


Anonymous said...

OMG---that cajun pasta looks great! And it's basic ingredients which is nice since I am always looking for a way to mix up pasta recipes. I also need to try the puff recipe sometime. Unfortunately I am not a baker and live alone so when something does turn out good, I eat it or throw out a good chunk.

And the kisses-I am not even going to look at those because that will be the end of me.

Watching the Bachelor now-will have to touch base but I have a feeling he is going to pick Tinley.

Pot Luck Mama said...

Wow, dude, you went all out! Did you start that meal on Tuesday? ;)

I was laughing out loud as I read the dialogue between you and your son asked "is it funny, mama?"...

Tyler said...

Your pictures are amazing Piper! Ok, I need to step up my game with my pics... ;-) Good posts!

Piper said...

Mama~ I didn't start until 7:45pm! My husband helped me through it, although I'm not sure I'll ever get his help in the kitchen again. He was great, but kept saying, "this is HARD work!" LOL

Tyler~ I usually take my own pictures, but those belong to pioneer woman and bakerella. I wish I could photograph that well!

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