Thursday, February 18

Superficial City

 The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love
CORNY. Look at that picture? Look at that title! Do you know why it's called, "On the Wings of Love?" Besides being super romantic, (now I'm craving a corn dog, with a side of corn bread), Mr. Jake here is a pilot. 

I'm sorry, but this needs to come out somewhere, so why not on my blog, right? We will title this post "superficial city" because well, you're going to get a massive glimpse of my superficial side. After you're done reading this post, I kindly ask that you erase everything you just read, or at least try to tie it to someone other than myself. 

K? Thanks. Superficial City! 
If you'll notice, Superficial City mostly houses bachelorettes. We believe this to be the perfect place for the ladies rejected by Jake. 
Or even guys like this, who act like Jake rejected them too.
I know, I know, he's irrelevant since he was from a totally different show. But let's face it. Without Jason, we wouldn't have had Jillian. 
 (Rejected by Jake). Without Jillian, we wouldn't have...
Hi Jake. 

And I was happy to see Jake as the new Bachelor this season. He seemed pretty honest, polite, and well, just plain...southern. He's from Texas, too, so I can't complain. 

The season is flying by and these are the final 2 contestants left: 

She seems smart, sweet, and classy. She was previously married and rumor has it he cheated on her. Whatever the case, it was apparently pretty nasty and left her heartbroken. She seems to have a pretty normal family that's very supportive of her. She just seems...normal. 

And then there's Vienna:
Vienna has a cool name, I'll give her that! I like it. Her reputation on the show has been dramatic to say the least! She seems to really like Jake, although sometimes she comes off as stagey to me. She seems to think that just because he's showing interest, it's meant to be. She's very pushy, and I'm not convinced she's being herself around him. She's pretty, smart, and won't get walked all over, but I don't see her totally opening up much.

So who do I hope wins? If it's not obvious...

TINLEY. T-I-N-L-E-Y. Did I spell her name right? She's the sweetest thing since frosted cupcakes, and she's the only person in this entire season that actually seems pretty legit. Will someone please tell me why Vienna is still on the show? Are you kidding me? I know there is editing and such, but I've never seen any kind of connection between the two of them.

Well guess what? I like rainy days. I like sleeping in. I like french toast and my mother in law, but this doesn't mean I'm going to marry them. What is this, 3rd grade? "I like your scarf!" "Then why don't ya marry it?! HAHA." This show seems to center around a 3rd grade philosophy. 

And then there's the whole hype about Ali calling him to ask if she can come back, as shown earlier this week. One blogger noted something interesting: When the camera cut in to the clip where Ali called, Jake was in the bathroom getting ready in the morning. yeah, "duh Piper", you say. We'll as he was getting ready, he didn't have a watch on. Fine, no biggie. But, as he was standing in the bathroom with no watch on, the phone rang. While it was ringing, he went into the bedroom to pick it up. When the camera switched to the other room (supposedly just him walking around the corner to pick up the phone), he suddenly had a watch on. Obviously the clip was cut into at least 2, which probably means it didn't just happen out of nowhere. Jake knew Ali was calling. 

Some say it was staged for drama. NO?? SERIOUSLY? Of course it was. I think it's silly they even need to stage drama. Girls can be pretty dramatic by themselves, add 25 other roommates and one man to the scenario, and you've got yourself some drama, mama!

This Monday will be the "Women Tell All" segment of the broadcast where they try to edit the heck out of it to make certain situations look a certain way. Like when Tenley told Jake she was preggo and then said, "Just kidding!!" Who does that? On TV? And on one of your first dates? 

I just wonder who Jake picked. If he picked Tinley, he should be a pretty happy man (or so I hope). If he picked Vienna, I'm willing to bet she's in the dog house for the things she's said on camera. 


Anonymous said...

Lmao at Superficial City pic. Love the Vienna is in said doghouse! I cannot wait to see Mondays episode with Women Tell All, it should be either really interesting or predictable, we shall see.

I would totally marry my fleece pajama pants, avocados or Blackberry but unfortunately can't (however they are looking much better than some of the dudes I have been doing out with lately) :)

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