Wednesday, February 3

Meeting Jeff Bagwell

Good times with Jeff.

Okay, so I'm not a total idiot. I do know who Jeff Bagwell is! I mean seriously, you'd have to be born yesterday, living in a cave, and lacking even the slightest bit of sports knowledge not to know who Jeff Bagwell is!! Did I spell his name right??

Are you tired of italics yet?

So if it isn't already obvious, I've only known who Jeff Bagwell is for about 2 weeks. Make that a week and a half.  Fine, it's been about a week.

Hey look! I did spell his name right!!

But the good thing about marrying a sports humor columnist/author/radio DJ/great kisser/excellent dishwasher/ESPN junkie, is that you get to use comp time from work to stand in a long line to get an autograph for someone you've never even head of.

Not that I'm complaining.

And man, it was a line, let me tell ya!
But we met some nice people.
Like the dad and his son in front of us - the dad obviously just got off work and we had a nice talk with him about things that flew over my head - sports stuff of course. His kid was adorable and ran off a lot. 

But that's nothin' compared to the crazy lady! When we walked in, we were handed a piece of paper, a "ticket" as they called it, which labeled us as sheep to stand in line for the slaughter. I'm a girl, it's my job to be dramatic. 

But here's the deal with the crazy lady..apparently someone cut in line without a ticket (or who knows, something along those lines) and she went to get a security guard and tattled on him. The conversation went something like this:

Crazy lady: "excuse me sir, HE CUT! He doesn't have a ticket!!
Security Guard: "Huh? *totally uninterested*
Crazy lady: "Did you hear me?? He done Cut. In. Line. ! I seen him myself !" *amplifies voice so the whole line can hear* (obviously we will all side with her and protest).
Man who apparently cut in line: "Are you talking about me? What? No I didn't..."
Security Guard: *rolls eyes* "Ma'am I'm sorry but I don't really know what to tell you." *walks off laughing*

At this point I think most of the line was laughing. She kept making comments about it out loud so the poor guy could hear her. I'm pretty sure the guy didn't cut....but that didn't stop her "I done seen it" comments.

But anyway, we finally got to the front of the line and met Jeff Bagwell. Pretty flippin' sweet.
 In the picture above, Jeff (we're on a first name basis now) was signing a baseball for my brother in law for his birthday. 

....I hope he's not reading this; his birthday isn't until September.

Great, now if he is reading this, he'll know it was him instead of another brother in law since I mentioned his birthday month. I guess he'd figure it's for him anyway since my husband has no other siblings, and my only sibling is 15 years old. 

.....And my brother better not be having any kids! Good grief, he's only 15 for heaven's sake!!

If you're still reading this, I'd like to apologize for that little outburst.
And in this picture, Jeff is signing a baseball card for my husband. 

Oh, if you didn't know, Jeff was a big shot with the Houston Astros. I seriously don't know what he did for the Astros other than "play baseball", so I'll just leave it at that - he was a big shot!

And here he is holding up underwear. 
Sport to be specific. 
If you don't know who sport is, you're missing out. 
Click here to find out.

The End.


Anonymous said...

lol I love crazy people in long lines... they provide just enough entertainment to help offset the misey of standing in line.

Anonymous said...

Love that he signed Sport! And I like his long hair alot....I was the biggest tomboy growing up and had tons of his cards. Who is the bald guy with glasses next to him?

Piper said...

How funny Shaka! The bald guy is Jim Deshaies (I had to ask my husband lol). Apparently Jim used to play for the Astros, but he's now an announcer.

Tallguy - true that! :)

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