Tuesday, February 2

Random Pictures of a Crazy Life

Okay, so "crazy" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I can assure you "random" is dead on...at least for this post. 

I just found a folder containing some random photos and felt the need to share. I should be doing homework or cooking or laundry or something, but isn't that the purpose of a blog? To write about your life instead of having one? 

Wow, slam dunk of an insult to myself. I'll quite the self harassment (did I just coin a new term?), and move on.
So we were up in the Dallas area visiting my parents for the weekend about a week ago. I usually drive us back, but my husband took the lead. 
We were later horrified to realize that alone was terrifying because:
1. It was dark.
2. My husband didn't have his glasses.
3. I was too busy taking random pictures of the sunset 40x, that I wasn't even trying to look for oncoming traffic. 

Obviously these were taken in a moving car. Bored I was.

Talking like Yoda, I am.
Hmm, looks like aliens. Blue and orange wormy-like aliens. Interesting.

And then we stopped for gas. My husband pumped. Thank goodness, it was coooold outside. Is it just me, or does it look like I was sucking on candy??

Well, the important thing is my shirt. "Martin High School Warriors". OOOOh yeah!

*holds up warrior hand thing*
(only Warriors get this..sorry)

Hey, I told you this was random!
So here we are playing thumb wrestling. This has absolutely nothing to do with the trip to/from my parents house. My husband bought this somewhere...

I was the yellow chick..but it's not a fair game. My husband's thumbs are longer, and he knows it.

And then it rained....A LOT!!!!!!!!
Okay, well obviously that was a lie. It rained for awhile, and we got some fun/scary thunder. 

This is exciting for January though..And I don't know where San Saba is. I just know it's somewhere near us, and tends to suck up a lot of bad weather.

And here's butter. Isn't it nice? This too has nothing to do with anything!

Butter on a cutting board, with the handle of a measuring cup in the distance. Behind the measuring cup is a container holding my flour and sugar.

Now, aren't you glad you took the time to read my blog today?

This was our dinner the other night. Chicken parmesan..FREAKING. YUM. Maybe I'm a sucker for pasta, but I loved it. We have this a couple times a month at least because it's so easy..but man, it was good! And that's whole wheat pasta..doesn't look like it does it?

I'll post the recipe soon.
And we had this garlic cheese bread with it (and with our potato soup I made again last night). Oh man, it was good. 

I'll post the recipe for this soon, too.
My husband is eating my hair!!! Or so it seems. This was the day it snowed...I say "the day" because we don't get too many days of that around here. 

(this was taken around the end of 2009)

I think we were at work and all started going nuts and taking pictures. 

And this is a blueberry cake-like cobbler thing I made a few weeks ago. I'll post this recipe soon, too.............................................  .... ... .. .

Yeah, soon.

But it was beyond wonderful, and easier than I'd like to admit. 

I mean, it was easy after I slaved away in the kitchen for hours on end..of course.

And this is a "Strawberry Love Smoothie". That white heart is just yogurt.
  Recipe here. 

Super easy...and full of love..of course.

Did I really just post this???

This was what part of our living room looked like for at LEAST a week around Christmas time. Fine, it was like this for at least 2, but I'm not going to be more honest than 2 weeks.

See all the tissue paper, wrapping paper and all 12 tape dispensers (which you need all around you when wrapping paper, since at least 5 will disappear into the carpet)

Speaking of Christmas...I made these chocolate drizzled apples around Christmas time. 

We also made some that were dipped in chocolate and then coated in almonds...good stuff!

This was my husband on our honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Canada in 2006. It was our first day of it all and he was trying to figure out where the heck we were.

"Niagara Falls, honey..We are in Canada!!"

"Huh? Well let me look at this map just to make sure.."

"No I promise..we are in Niagara Falls, Canada."

"Are you sure? It looks like New York to me."

"You're thinking of last night, remember? We got to the airport at midnight, and couldn't find our hotel shuttle that was going to pick us up, remember? And then when we couldn't find our hotel in the phone book, we realized we had a NY phone book and that our hotel was actually on the Canada side of the falls; does that ring a bell? Remember because after a 45 minutes ride to our hotel across the border, the hotel told us they didn't have the room we reserved. Remember how at that point we realized I left my purse in the limo?"


And this is what filled 1/3 of my life before I decided to go back to school again. Pregnant fish. I bought platy fish because I thought it was cute that they got pregnant once a month. This was fun for about 2 seconds...although it lasted a year or two.

The end. I'm tired of posting random pictures and would rather be making fish for dinner than posting pictures of it.  Is that wrong?


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