Wednesday, January 20

Dawn Wells Potato Peeling Video

So I got this video in my inbox not long ago, showing a woman using an absurdly easy method to peel a potato. She basically made the women of every generation look and feel like a total idiot. But the thing is, as of today, this video has had 6,705,605 hits. Obvious this chick is up to something....obviously there's a chance she's even on to something. So I wanted to post the video for your viewing pleasure, just in case (cue: Justin Case theme song) you somehow missed it. I also felt the need to try it out myself.

A few nights ago, I had a hankerin' (did I spell that right? Is "hankerin" even a real word??) for mashed potatoes. Truth be told, I crave them more than oxygen, but when I finally make them I sort of go crazy and mashed potatoes end up all over the ceiling, my face, and my husband.....mashed potatoes put me in the mood to say the lest. Ok..gross out moment. Maybe not put me in the mood, but they sure do make me happy!

So I tried this method, and here were my observations, if you will:

* I was worried the potatoes would take forever to cook whole. This wasn't an issue at all; they seemed to take the same amount of time........weird.

* It took less time to stick them in the water whole and peeled, than it did to sit there and peel them and chop those bad boys up.

* After dunking them in ice water for a few minutes, I had trouble pulling the peel apart. Sure, it was easy at first, but they didn't all come off in one easy movement like Dawn suggested. By the way, I haven't heard the name, "Dawn" since The Babysitters Club. I always wanted to name my kid Dawn...good thing I didn't get knocked up at age 12! Sorry...trailed off for a minute there...

*EVEN THOUGH they didn't peel off in one easy stride, they did peel off pretty easy. I was getting the hang of it by about the 6th of 7th potato..............................
* It make things MUCH easier if you pull the skin back while it's still submersed under water.

It works. Now I need coffee............and mashed potatoes.


Anonymous said...

Where has this video been my whole life??! I will be definitely be trying this method out next time I want mashed ones (which will be in 25 mins....but in reality this wknd). I wonder if it works with sweet potatoes as well to mash up? And I am sooo googling this Gilligan's Island Cookbook!

efsuffolks said...

Pure genius!
I do it for the yams every t-giving... why did I NEVER make this connection for white taters

efsuffolks said...

WA ST taters are better

Piper said...

What are wast potatoes? Keep in mind, I'm a blondie.. ;)

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