Wednesday, January 20

Crispy Cajun French Fries

These things are perfectly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and extremely flavorful. Oh, and they are super easy! They must be or I wouldn't waste my time, I can tell you that right now.

When I get off work, I'm faced with laundry, a messy kitchen (today at least...okay about half the time...okay maybe more than I want to admit right now), a ravishingly hungry husband, and just a few hours before bed.

 We always want meals to be made with healthy ingredients, but that can be tough when I want tasty, too! So that's when french fries come in.........yeah so maybe that doesn't make sense. Here's the thing, I didn't say HEALTH FOOD. I didn't say DIET FOOD, I said, "healthy ingredients", and this recipe fits that description.

So healthy ingredients these are. Potatoes, canola oil, milk, wheat flour, and some spices (just salt and cayenne pepper, actually)

Wash your potatoes and slice them up into strips (as thick or thin as you'd like, please).
Pour some milk into a bowl and add your potato slices right in.

Grab a large Ziploc bag and throw in some wheat flour and cayenne pepper (not the salt can, but you'll need more later and I don't think it does any good at this point.)

If you're using a deep fryer (not required, I love mine but use a skillet at least half the time), heat your oil to 375. If you're using a skillet, heat it over medium high. If it starts popping, turn that sucker down!

If your fire alarm goes off, fan it with a rag, push the code into the pad, and reassure your husband it's just smoke from overheating the oil (again). Not that I did this. Not that I did this when making pancakes this morning. I'm not really sure how one does this while making pancakes of all things.

Good grief. Not me, that's for sure!

Thank you for bearing with me. Please don't leave.
Take your milk coated potatoes (doesn't that sound delicious!?) and toss them around in your ziploc bag with flour. They should make a pretty even coating on the potatoes. Once coated w/ flour, add them to your hot oil. Cook until light brown, and then flip over.

Now you can add your salt! Add as much or as little as you like! Oh, and while you're at it, enjoy!


3 medium potatoes
1C milk (approx.)
1/2C wheat flour (approx.)
Cayenne pepper - dash
Salt - dash
Oil - enough to coat the bottom of a pan, plus about 1/2" up the sides)


  1. Heat oil to 375 or over medium-high.

  2. Slice washed and unpeeled potatoes into strips.

  3. Coat potatoes with milk and then into the cayenne seasoned flour.

  4. Drop battered potatoes in oil and cook until light brown on both sides.

  5. Sprinkle with salt or more cayenne (if you're brave enough).


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Looks great---you so have me craving potatoes!

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