Thursday, August 11

Reality Check

It's when you're trying desperately to lose weight that you need a reality check. Not a subtle something either, like a cute bikini you wish you could fit into, but convince yourself the one piece blue thing w/ a skirt, type swim suit, is just as cute. I mean a real reality check. Like that I experienced today.

You see, I grew up with one of the best people I've ever know, Katy. Katy lived right across the street most of my life, and she was my lifeline. She was (and is) one of the sweetest people I know, and she's just amazing all around. Anyway, as I'm trying to lose weight before I turn 30, certain obstacles have gotten in my way. I've gone out of town, you see, and I have eaten everything but people. I mean, really, I've eaten soooo much and I feel disgusting. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things (or so I think I am), but then it happens. Katy (who I still keep up with) gets tagged in some professional photos she had made. She looks UH-MAZING! I mean, she's always been beautiful, smart (she's practically a doctor, no joke), and in shape, but now she's also a personal trainer.

I have memories of working out with Katy when we were kids, and seeing these pictures of how beautiful and in shape this chick is makes me realize that all the pies I ate, calories I've consumed, and work outs I've neglected, have not paid off. For her, on the other hand, the healthy food she's eaten, work outs she's gotten up at 5am to do before medical school, jogs she's fit into busy schedules, and junk food she's given up have totally been worth it. Who's happier with their body? I'm pretty sure she is. And here's the thing, she's really worked for it! HARD! I've seen it first hand, and she never, ever, brags about it or makes anyone feel guilty for their bad lifestyles. She just lives right and looks amazing in the process.

Now, look around my blog. I dare you. There's a reason you'll find things like, "Muffins that taste like donuts," "Crispy chicken fingers," and "Fried pies." Yikes. Reality check.

So today, as I was telling myself (yet again) that I will somehow magically lose weight before I"m 30, but that today I will be lax because "I deserve it," I am changing my mind. It's a daily decision I will have to make, but I know it gets easier. And as is the norm with this lady, just seeing Katy motivates me to eat healthier. Not only because she looks great, but because I know we started off at the same place, and now we are in different places. Just seeing how amazing she looks and how much all her hard work has paid off motivates me!!

Now, off to eat a huge bowl of veggies w/ a side of salmon.


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