Friday, July 29

Day 3

So today I've pretty much stayed hungry, and I'm not sure why. I mean, I did have a good breakfast or an egg, turkey sausage patty, small cup of coffee w/ a little half & half and sugar, and some whole wheat toast with butter. I also downed a big glass of water. We had a job to work this morning, and maybe I just worked some of it off (our job is pretty physically exhausting most of the time.)

I'm too lazy to separate all the food I ate today into categories, so I'll just list everything. Be warned, it was a lot! I'm still not over my calories today, which is convenient because I made Chris some homemade raspberry ice cream (yikessss!)


1 egg
1 turkey sausage patty
1 piece whole wheat bread
salted butter
half & half
sandwich (folded over, made w/ 1 piece whole wheat bread, 1 piece deli turkey, i slice cheese, 1 TBS organic mayo)
salad (made with baby sweet leaf lettuce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, agave nectar, and a punch of salt.)
string cheese
organic ice cream sandwich
taco (taco shell, ground turkey, taco seasoning, grated cheese, baby sweet leaf lettuce)
fritos (1.5 servings)
frito bean dip

2 lbs down.


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