Friday, June 11

Peanut Butter Cookies - EASY!

Seriously, I've never seen an easier recipe for peanut butter cookies! I've actually never seen such an easy recipe for any kind of cookies, and especially one that tastes so incredibly good!

These cookies are packed with a sweet, peanut butter taste, just like I like when I bite into a peanut butter cookie!

And they are EASY!

Did I mention they are easy? Let's get started!

You'll only need 3...that's right just THREEEEE ingredients!! No joke, and these are super delicious!
Get some peanut butter...
Add sugar

 And an egg. 

And now just mix it up with a spoon.

*pretend I took a picture of that*

And use that spoon to drop onto a cookie sheet.
Now, if you want that peanut butter cookie "look", just dip a fork in water (yes, water), and then press into a cookie. 
Like so..

Then turn 90 degrees, dip in water and do it again.

I made mine a little small, and it's better to do them larger. Mine were a little on the dry side and I haven't made these in over a year, so I forgot how much better they are when closer to larger. Try to make them about 2 inches wide or larger. 
And when they come out, they'll look like this. 

Whoops. Sorry, I couldn't little bite never hurt anyone. 

Now 2 bites..that could get you in trouble!

And 3 ...well I might as well finish it off. No sense in leaving one bite! um..

Make these. 
Make these NOW!
You won't regret it!

* 3/4 C sugar
* 3/4C peanut butter
* 1 egg

Mix all 3 ingredients together, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 7-12 minutes.


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