Thursday, April 15

Tax Day 2010 - FREEBIES!

Happy Tax Day!! 

Hopefully by now you have already done your taxes ad have either mailed them out or are on your way to the post office. 

To celebrate tax day, many fast food places are giving away freebies! Well, I'm not sure they are doing it to "celebrate" Tax Day, but regardless, they are giving away freebies, and I'm here to tell you who's giving away what!

First though, let my point out that I'm being 100% hypocritical for even making this post because I am AVID against going out to eat all the time. 

In fact, I try to avoid it for the most part, minus my free Starbuck's coffee this morning, and of course minus the AMAZING whole grain english muffin w/ turkey bacon and egg whites from Starbuck's. Oh, and minus the chicken sandwich I got from Chick Fil A earlier this week. Yeah, ignoring all that stuff from the past 3 days, I'm AVID...A-V-I-D against fast food! 


Moving on..

Here's a list of all the goodies you can get today!!

Starbuck's: Free coffee when you bring in your own travel mug.  (I've done it twice so far today). This is not only for tax day, but to promote the end of the use of paper cups.

Chick-Fil-A: Participating locations have their own thing going, so check their website and search your local chapter (Chapter?? It just sounded more official..ignore me, I'm hyped up on caffeine).

Cinnabon: Free cupcakes. (airports not included) -- SO GLAD I don't have one here! I'd be all over that!

Taco del Mar: Free tacos – with a coupon (check their website)

Hydromassage: Free massages with a coupon – but you have to get your massage sometime between April 15 and April 18.

PF Changs: All customers 15% off in their “no frills no papers to sign” tax day promotion. (ugh, check the website?)

Panda Express: A free order of their Honey Walnut Shrimp.  

Dunkin Donuts: Free donut with the purchase of a coffee.

Maggie Moo's: Between 3-7 p.m. to get a free slice of Maggie Mae's Ice Cream Pizza (yum!)

And then go to google and search for yourself! You may find some freebies I didn't. Check local websites before going out, as some of these may depend on locations. 
Enjoy your freebies, and let me know what YOU got for free!!


Cool Lassi(e) said...

We even got the refund like a month ago. When its money coming to us, we file it like way before the deadline..hehe..Nice for point out the freebies and their whereabouts..Nothing tastes better than free food...hehe.

Piper said...

I know, we are the same way! I'll put other things off, but not when it comes to money! I think we owe this year though. Yes, free food never fails!!

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