Thursday, April 15

Communication Is Key

So Pioneer Woman put out a blog post today about some random conversations she had with her husband. They are on the road together, and she was bored. What's a bored married woman to do to fill her time? Why, harass her husband of course! I'm not making fun of Ree Drummond, I'm actually relating to her. I'm her "partner in crime", if you will. 

Okay fine, she has no idea who I am, but I will say i can relate. I think she's on to something. I wonder if I can rile my husband up...

Let's give it a go!

(I'm in bold, he's in italics)

Me: What do you wanna have for lunch today?

Him: Uh the fish and pizza, remember

Yeah, I just don't want it. Any other ideas?

Fish and pizza's all we have sweaty! (** we call each other sweaty instead of sweaty...don't ask)

Are you gonna eat the fish, cause it's 3 days old and I don't want i!

Yes, we agreed to this last night...
((Okay, that led to nothing...let's try this again.))

Me: So.......

Him: What



I said so......


I SAID "SO".....

*walks out of the room*

((this isn't working so well....))

((Resorting to non verbal communication, I walked over to him, intent on smacking him on the bottom, at which point he caught my hand midair and laughed. So then I lunged my leg forward to kick him on the bottom, which he also caught, making me hop on one leg in shame.))

One last try::

Me: Why are you making strange noises. 

Him: Beats me, I'm sitting here waiting for the thing to load on the flash drive.

What does that have to do with strange noises.

Beats me. 

I'll beat you.


I said I'll beat your bottom.


Does that scare you.


Why not?


(walks out of the room again)

Where are you goin'??

To check on this thing..

((Right, another time, another day!!))



Anonymous said...

"I'll beat you"

I don't know why but I started tearing up from laughing at this. I love this post!!! More more more!

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