Monday, February 1

Happy Monday

CHANCES ARE you just happened to find my blog because you googled, "Happy Monday." I know this because over half of my blog hits are because of people like you (thank you), every single Monday.

Let me guess even further and say that I'm willing to bet the reason you're googling this is because you want to find a cool photo to put on facebook. Let's be honest, you're probably sitting at your office desk, waiting for the coffee to brew (or you just added your favorite creamer, and you're sipping on it as you read this.) You sometimes get to work a little early so that you can start your morning with hot coffee (or tea), girl talk with your neighbor sitting nearby, and then you google something to put on your facebook that screams, "I'm at work but I'm sleep and don't want to be here, although I'm thankful I have to a job to go to." So hmmm, what should you google? -- Happy Monday! Don't worry, I obviously did the same thing to get the pics below.

So, with that said, if you'd like to add ME on facebook, just look for "Piper Green Wilson," and let me know you found me on here. otherwise, HAPPY MONDAY!

 (old post below) ---
The thing about blogging is that you can just randomly come up with whatever you want, "go with the flow" to put it nicely, babbling your way along, and come up with a random title at the end in an attempt to tie it all together. When you get to the end and still can't come up with a title to wrap it all together into one theme, you can save yourself by just listing a day of the week. 

All this to say......."Happy Monday!" 

Does that work? I mean, it's always a little rough getting started Monday mornings, so maybe this can be a little random something to get your day started...or continuing...or ending or maybe it's Thursday and you're late reading this. That's okay, just apply it to the following Monday. 

Like I said, the thing about blogs is that you babble a lot. And you can get by with it because it's your blog. SO THERE!

But seriously, how cute is this!

And this!

"Don't "Happy Monday" me!"

"Err..Happy Easter...?"

Is it just me, or is his face perfect for this costume?!

This one is from Martha Stewart's website. Only she would think to make something like this!

Switching gears a little....speaking of babies...KITTENS!

I LOVE kittens!


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