Wednesday, December 30

Potato Soup

Let's get to cookin'!
The picture says it all, but let me say right now that you do not need to make your ingredients organic. That's obvious, but I felt the need to state it.

Just use whatever you have around the house.

Olive oil is optional, as is butter...but we'll get to that later.

If you decide to use olive oil (I didn't this time), then it should go in with the butter, and you'll just need a tsp or so.

Butter goes over the heat. I usually set the temp on low or medium low and let the butter melt while I'm cutting my vegetables.

Speaking of vegetables....Cut your celery up. You don't need to get fancy, just start dicing.

And do the same with the carrots. I like to cut them in a few pieces before dicing, but to each his own. Just cut away!

Mine are diced, but if you like bigger pieces in your soup, then don't be so dicey!


Now add your vegetables to the melted butter and saute for about 5 mintues.

You don't really have to cook the vegetables in the butter first.

In fact, you could skip that step all together and just pour some broth in your pot and then add vegetables and potatoes at the same time.

Now, pour your broth into your pot o' vegetables.

There ya go...easy does it. Now you can turn the temp down to simmer or medium low.

Head back over to your cutting board and peel the potatoes. I don't always peel them, but do make sure you scrub them well regardless.

I saw a recent episode of Dr. Oz that showed the bacteria on the outside of produce spreading to the inside when you cut through it. Apparently the knife helps transfer it.

EWW, right?

So let's avoid that and wash our pot-tat-o's. Sometimes I have a lazy moment and just cut the skins off with a knife. This was one of those moments.

Now you can cut yur taters....Sorry I had a moment...I am Texan afterall and sometimes it shows...Anyway, I like to slice them up like this first.

Then you can cut each slice in half.

And then each half into 6 pieces. Of course there's no rhyme or reason for this, other than I'm a creature of habit. You can cut them however you like.

If you are a chunky potato person, cut large chunks. If you like little potato bites, just dice it up, baby. Dice it up!

Add those potatoes to the brothy yumminess!

Add them...right now! Do it!

Turn the heat back up to medium or medium high and let it hit a light boil for about 15 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender. You may want to check on it after about 10 minutes. If the potatoes are too tender, it won't ruin the soup.

(You could even puree this whole thing for a thicker soup.)

But cooking the potatoes until just done makes this soup extra nice. Reeeeeal nice in fact!
Cousin Eddie agrees.

I don't want to scare anyone away with our use of rice milk. Have no fear - any milk is fine.
Skim, whole, rice, soy, goat (no seriously, that would be good).

It's all good in da hood!

Just know that with the addition of rice, soy, or skim milk, the soup may not be as creamy. To fix this, you can always add a little half & half, heavy cream, or flour.

I've tried all 3 and they all work perfectly. Or even puree it in ablender or food processor, like mentioned earlier.

Ladle la-he-who!

I'm sorry but you have to admit the comment was called for.

Once the potatoes are cooked, and you've added your milk, it's time to ladle za soup into your bowl.

Crispy bacon makes this soup irresistible, but I was out of it at the time.

Don't forget the cheese!


  • 3 potatoes

  • 3 stalks celery (or other vegetable)

  • 3 carrots (or other vegetable)

  • 2 C chicken/vegetable broth (or water w/ bullion)

  • 1 TBS butter (optional)

  • cheese (optional for sprinkling)

  • bacon optional for sprinkling)


  1. Melt butter in pot.

  2. Dice up vegetables and mix in with melted butter.

  3. Let saute for 5 minutes or less.

  4. Add broth to sauteed vegetables and turn down heat.

  5. Dice up potatoes and add to the same pot.

  6. Turn heat up and cook for about 15 mintues or until potatoes are done.

  7. Serve w/ bacon and cheese, or just plain. Enjoy!



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