Thursday, May 13

Blueberry Breakfast Puff Things

Look, I'm running out of names here! On this blog, we have blueberry muffins, blueberry breakfast puffs, and quite possibly blueberry everything else. What I'm saying here is that I didn't realize how much blueberries dictated our palate until I created this blog. I've seriously considered renaming it with the "blueberries" in the title. 

But when it's all said and done, I'm too lazy. And let's face it, I have cut way back on my postings lately, so I probably don't have time to create a whole other blog. Here's the sad part though - I've held back on posting many a blog, and uploading many a picture, due to the fact that they involve blueberries, and I prefer my blog to have a variety of recipes that do not all consist of blueberries. I'm in denial is what I'm saying.

And I could also use some serious suggestions on what in the world to name this recipe! Until then, I'll name them what they taste like...Blueberry Breakfast Puff Things. Why? Because they are very, very light, puffy, blueberry, and we ate them for breakfast. I'd strongly suggest topping them with maple syrup, as these are not all that sweet by themselves. These are nothing like the blueberry gems, or blueberry muffins, nor are they anything like anything else I've had. They are a little crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside!

And be warned: you might eat 7 without thinking twice about it. Not that I did....just sayin'.

So here's the best part about having a blog: You can be 100% unorganized and get away with it. Well, I mean it might repulse your readers, and you might even lose some...but here's what I just realized: I don't have the recipe on me right now. 

This leaves me with 2ish options:

1. Post pictures now and add the recipe later. 
2. Delete this post and post pics and recipe later, as makes sense when running a blog.
3. Post pics now and forget to post the recipe later.

Can you guess which one I'll do? Well, I WILL remember to post a recipe later! "Later" might be tomorrow though, so stay tuned! Here's the pics to tide ya over!

I'll post some how-to pics with the recipe later!


Chetana Suvarna Ganatra said...

Dear Piper,
First time to ur fun-yum de way u write, makes me smile.
Between a food blogger from down under.
Too many things to go thru in ur fantastic page..will keep coming back for more.

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