Thursday, March 18

Twilight, Husband, and Fatness

My mind is going in circles today with all kinds of random thoughts, so I figured I'd share. Nothing special, possibly boring, but all totally random. Maybe it will help clear my head a little. 

1. I love my husband more than I can type on a blog. He butters my bread. He sweetens my tea. He makes my cheeks blush, and my hair braid. Well, all hypothetically of course, but he does actually do dishes, which is just an added bonus. It's been just almost 4 years and I am completely swoonie for him. I don't think "swoonie" is a word, but it's what I am. Swoonie. And he's one hot dog, I'll tell ya that. He's the um......sexiest? on the planet, and probably off the planet as well. Can I say sexiest on my blog? 

2. I'm craving a Hebrew National hotdog on a whole wheat bun right now like oxygen. Well, not that much, but ask me in an hour.

3. I'm done with sugar. Well, not really. But I am cutting way back. Sugar and butter, I rebuke you from my house. I've gained back way more weight than I'd like to admit these last few months, and I know the cause. It's simple for me to lose weight with the things I eat, but I do need to cut out more sugar and butter. Mmm...sugar and butter.........

*snap*   *snap*  PIPER, WAKE UP!

*shakes head*

Oh, sorry. 

4. Without butter and sugar, I'm at a loss for words. Well, for recipes anyway. I'm forced to remember what I used to make before the fat and sweetness. That's sad.

5. I have a L-O-T to do this weekend for school work. Fine, not that much, but enough to remind me that being in school is a commitment. I need to get on the ball. Especially the work out ball (stability ball), but we already talked that kind of thing in 3 and 4.

6. I'll be voiding a few upcoming posts of food in the next several days. My next blogpost (probably tomorrow if I can remember) will be a homemade facial scrub. I use it all the time and it only involved 3 steps. SUPER EASY. So I want to share. So there. 

7. Seven is the number of completion so I should stop here. Yeah, so I just lied. Well, sort of. I said I was going to waver down a little on recipes for a few days, but what I meant was that I will waver, except the Twilight Saga stuff I'll be posting in the next day or so. New Moon comes out on DVD Saturday and my husband has already promised to watch it with me. He doesn't care for the series, but he knows I do, so he's all excited to let me buy it. Sweet, sweet man. (*see #1). On that note, I've already made Twilight cupcakes and look forward to more Twilight stuff on Saturday. Any ideas?!


Cool Lassi(e) said...

I can't wait for Twilight movie's second edition. This might be of interest to you:

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Check it out when you have time.

Also, there is an excellent giveaway going on in my blog right now. It may be something you might be interested in.

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