Wednesday, February 24

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

February 23, 2010 - The Day it Snowed 3-6 inches in Central Texas and NOT in North Texas!

Now that should go in the history books.


Lately, my hometown of North Texas has been getting so much snow they are now sick of it, while Central Texans have been getting nothing! Growing up in North Texas, we very rarely had any snow, and yet it seems as though it's been a constant blizzard up there this year.

Not that I'm the jealous type. Not that I really care all that much. Not that...who am I kidding, I've been REALLY stinkin' jealous.

But that's okay, because all that jealous finally melted away as soon as I saw my first drop of snow yesterday morning, on the way to class.

Can you see the snow? It's there, I promise.

But when I got to school, it started collecting on my car a little bit.
At this point, at 7:45am, right before walking in my classroom, I had the following conversation with my husband:

*ring ring ring*

Him: "Yep.." (which is how he answered the phone)
Me: "Did they cancel school yet?"
Him: "Nope. I said I'd call if they did.."
Me: "So that's a no? Are you sure?"
Him: "Yeah, well I mean no they..."
Me: "NO SCHOOL!? Woohoo!"
Him: " as in, no, school isn't canceled.."
Me: "But you said, 'no school'.."
Him: "Are we done here, I need to eat breakfast."
Me: "Are you sure?? I mean it's snowing for heaven's sakes! It's practically a blizzard!"
Him: "Yeah, no."
Me: "Woohoo!"
Him: *sigh* "I mean, 'no' as in...*sigh*..Boy, am I hungry."
Me: "SNOW DAY!!"
Him: *silence*
Me: "Alright; see you after class! UNLESS IT'S SNOWING!"
Him: *click* 

But to my utter relief, as I stepped out of class, I noticed the snow collecting a little..
And then, about 15 minutes later when I got to work...
there was...
Now, why it didn't do this before class was beyond me, but in the end, snow is snow, and Central Texans are just glad to have it!
Schools shut down early, and we were able to head home around lunch time! 
I stopped by the grocery store to get some fire logs (and somehow $100 worth of groceries!). The husband promised me he'd wait until I got home to play in the snow. He whined about it a little, but hesitantly obliged.

He never breaks his promises..

But there's a first for everything. About 15 minutes after his promise to wait for me, I came home to an almost 7 foot tall snowman...with a jersey on! 
Go Bobcats!!
Who are the Bobcats? I don't even know which sport they play for? Sometimes it's best not to ask questions. And I didn't. I moved on to my own snowman!!
And then I stole my husbands glasses and placed them on her eyeballs. Actually, I stole the head from my husband's snow man, and placed it on my snow girl body. Then I plopped a carrot on as a nose so he wouldn't noticed I stole his head. 
We are married, and what's his is mine, what's mine is his, what's his is mine. All mine. Of course sometimes this means stretching the truth a little..

You see, when I stole the head off his snow man, he was inside. When he came back out, he had a headless snow man, so there was some 'splainin' that needed to take place.

"I think those 2 little boys down the street kicked your head off. Yeah, I don't know why it's not on the ground. Maybe they took it with them!"

"You think they did it? Man, if I see those punk kids again, I'll grab them by the collar!"

"Will you really??"

"Heck yeah I will!! Those punk kids!"

"No you won't."

"I know, but I'd like to."

"I know you would, honey..I know you would."

And then when he walked back inside, I put his head back on.

"Hey, look. My snowman has a head again." 

"Yeah, the kids came back and apologized for taking your snow man's head. I forgave them and they put it back on for you."

"Well that was nice. It's nice to see kids these days have some morale about them."


After 2 hours of snowball fights, snow men, and snow women, we refueled with lunch and headed right back out! 

We walked around to look at other people's snowmen, and then down the block through some thick snow..
 "thick" as in, snow that was about 3 inches deep! 

But then, we looked up and found a flagpole!! This was great news because just a few weeks ago, we had said that we wished we could get some snow and take a particular picture for our Christmas cards this year.

Flagpole + my husband + gullible wife = this..

Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

LOL at your conversation. That just made me smile :)

And the Bobcats are the Charlotte Bobcats-an NBA team. Which I work two blocks from where they play and have no team gear whatsoever so find it ultra amusing you do!! haha

Enjoy the snow!

shannon (the daily balance) said...

you guys are THE CUTEST! I love it, you remind me of me and the Mister ;)

enjoy your snow! you can have ALLLLLLL of mine (cleveland!)

Piper said...

Thanks; you're sweet! I should note that our tongues weren't really touching the flagpole, and it took awhile to make it look like they were. lol

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Beautiful snow pics! Sounds like you had fun with it! And your hubby sounds hilarious :D

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